Persuasion: adverts

Unit overview

Identifies resources, pupil activity and teacher notes. A Word 2010 document

Adverts, features, labels

Adverts, features and labels. A Word 2010 document


A look at various adverts. A Word 2010 document

Features of advertisement

Exercise - features of advertisement. A Word 97-2003 document

Various adverts

Adverts with persuasive writing. A SMART Notebook file

Persuasive writing quiz

Persuasive writing quiz. A PowerPoint 2010 document

Descriptions in adverts

Descriptions used in adverts. A PowerPoint 2010 document

Bill's Beefy Burger advert

Advert for Bill's Beefy Burgers. A PowerPoint 97-2003 document

Template advert

A template for Bills' Beefy Burger advert. A PowerPoint 2010 document

Positive and negative adjectives

An exercise in using positive and negative adjectives. A Word 2010 document

Adjectives and Superlatives

A list of adjectives and superlatives. A Word 2010 document

Punctuation activity

An exercise in using punctuation. A Word 2010 document

Planning sheet

Planning sheet for persuasive language. A Word 2010 document

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Display board
Bossy verbs
Bossy verbs
Rhetorical question

Display board - click on the images below

Slogan/word play
Positive adjectives
Positive adjectives
Positive adjectives